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Ben Smithee | Speaking, Strategy, Science

About Ben

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Labeled as one of the “Top 10 Youth Marketers” and a “Rosetta Stone for the Millennial Consumer,” Ben Smithee is a regularly sought-after Keynote Speaker and Strategic Consultant. He’s spoken in nearly 20 countries, spanning 6 continents, and consulted some of the biggest brands in the world, including General Mills, Coca-Cola, Del Monte, Comcast, Sterling Jewelers, Rio Tinto, GEICO and more.

Ben Smithee

Ben Smithee has been nominated as one of the “Top 10 Youth Marketers,” received the American Marketing Association’s “Marketer of the Year” Award (Marketing Research Category), and Co-Hosted “The Social Radar” on Good Morning Texas, and “The Weekend Insider,” on KTXD – where he and his Co-Hosts brought Dallasites the latest in consumer trends and culture. He started his first consultancy, SPYCH, in 2009 and grew it to become a highly-respected and innovative Insights and Intelligence firm. His expertise in digital marketing and the Millennial consumer segment propelled Ben to consult some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Coca-Cola, Del Monte, General Mills, Sterling Jewelers, ACS, GEICO, McDonald’s, Kroger, ebay, Comcast, and more.

After exiting his day-to-day role at SPYCH he helped to launch a disruptive events firm, RELEVENTS, serving as Chief Strategy Officer. At the same time, he launched The Smithee Group (TSG), where he currently serves as CEO. Ben continues to be a frequent keynote speaker around the globe, having presented in nearly 20 countries spanning 6 continents. TSG consults clients in Digital Strategy and Consumer Sciences, helping big brands think smaller and small brands think bigger. He is an active supporter of The Warren Center, an organization that supports families that have children with developmental delays, as well as the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization in New York City.


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“If you plan to hear Ben speak, button your jacket, hold on to your belongings and prepare for a great ride! It’s always a thrill to have a speaker who actually knows his material and can explain it in simple terms….or get as detailed as you wish….Add to that incredible set of knowledge his natural enthusiasm and genuine interest in meeting others to learn their challenges or answer their questions, and it’s little wonder that he is invited to speak all over the world. Ben rocks your world, if only for one day/event…but he’s worth the investment of resources!” – Susan

I’ve been blessed to travel the world (closing in on 20 countries spanning 6 continents) sharing my expertise with audiences spanning from C-suite Executives, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Students and Professionals. My passion and energy that envelops my professional experience is what attracts people to repeatedly hire me and refer me to other event and program organizers.

I would love to speak with you about your needs. Most commonly, people ask me to speak about: Millennial Consumers, Digital Marketing/Social Media, The Connected Consumer, The Future of Retail, and Entrepreneurship.

“Ben is one of the thought leaders of our age in the digital and social media space….he’s is engaging, mind-blowing and has empathy for those of us who are in the middle of the societal shift. I highly recommend him for consulting as well as speaking on stage during one of the general sessions.” – Jerry

I spend my days (and nights) helping businesses grow and evolve. Sometimes it is a startup or small business that does not currently have the resources or expertise needed to keep up with today’s continuously evolving marketing environment. Other times it is helping brands such as McDonald’s, General Mills, Sterling Jewelers, The ACS, Comcast, and other iconic companies.

The irony is that it is often helping the smaller brands “think big,” and the bigger brands “think small.” But, regardless of the size, industry, or project scope, people hire my company to help them create better marketing strategies to not only build “buzz” but, measurable business growth.

“Ben is one of the new breed of market researchers, yet his style and approach is that of a long-time practitioner. Ben is committed and thorough, while approaching his work with energy and enthusiasm. He knows his markets and can deliver on his promises.” – Paul

We have the opportunity to be closer to and know more about consumers than ever before. We were some of the first to utilize social media for marketing research, and The Smithee Group develops innovative insights & intelligence solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world. It is our insatiable curiosity paired with the knowledge of today’s new capabilities and strategic needs businesses require for success, that makes our firm a trusted choice for companies around the world.

We know traditional research methods are often effective, but we also know there is a myriad of technology, new methods and other innovative solutions that offer additional value for your needs. Ultimately, working with our team at TSG is the difference between guessing, and actually knowing.

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Need a keynote speaker that packs the house, keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, and consistently delivers fresh content that helps them grow professionally and personally?  


Have a business that is ready to leverage digital marketing for growth in sales, customer acquisition, and customer engagement? Have a brand that needs to be better equipped for the connected consumer and next generation?


Need to better understand your target customers? Want to stop guessing and start knowing? Need to understand what is and isn’t working with your marketing? Ready to turn data into real intelligence?


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